Sean Oliver Interview: Kayfabe Commentary’s Lead Man Writes Pro Wrestling’s Most Controversial Paperback


Kayfabe Commentaries' Lead Producer and Host, Sean Oliver, offers up 241 pages of pro wrestling's inside stories he's experienced first hand over the past 2 decades and, as the title says, stories you are not supposed to hear from a pro wrestling production company owner.

Oliver joins Marc Charles for an inside look at the writing this controversial and entertaining book.

Get Sean Oliver's new book Kayfabe: Stories You Are Not Supposed To Hear From A Pro Wrestling Production Company Owner at this Amazon Link.

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Outside Interference Producer Alan Wojcik wrote a review on Sean Oliver's book, it can be read below: 

Alan Wojcik's Review of Sean Oliver’s Kayfabe Book

Since 2008 I have been reviewing DVD’s & VOD’s sent to me by KAYFABE COMMENTARIES. So it came no surprise when the co-founder SEAN OLIVER (@KayfabeSean on Twitter) decided to write a book about his journey through the wrestling world I was sent a copy to review. Sean didn’t spend much time working on a name, it’s called KAYFABE: STORIES YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO HEAR FROM A PRO WRESTLING PRODUCTION COMPANY OWNER (241pp, $17.96).

Through the business partnership I’ve interviewed Sean several times and he’s always an intriguing guest. So many of the stories told in this book I knew. That being said nothing prepares you for what Sean and his business partner Anthony endure running the production company than the opening chapter, that covers a business deal gone bad with former WCW star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell. From there Sean takes the reader into how Kayfabe Commentaries went from an MP3 based company to being the tops in the shoot wrestling business. If you are not familiar, shoot wrestling DVD’s have been around since the late 1990’s through a few distributors. Basically, it’s a wrestling personality spilling everything about their career, co-workers & anything else worth talking about. Sean and Anthony (plus their crew) changed the format from a one camera shoot to a 3 camera shoot with a host asking questions on camera, by luck of the draw Sean. They created a show where the fans get to ask the questions, the vastly popular YouShoot (the new one with Al Snow is coming out December 5th cheap plug for you Sean.)

We get the backstory on the creation of the company’s four popular brands (YouShoot, Guest Booker, Timeline & Breaking Kayfabe.) Each has had some hits and misses in guests, which Sean doesn’t hide in each chapter. Also covered are titles that didn’t take off with the viewers (Ring Roast, Ringisde, Raven’s Restler Rescue) & some that a certain company in Connecticut borrowed for their own release (My Side of the Story, Wrestling’s Most) on a 24/7 streaming network you’ve probably heard of. I’m honestly surprised the foreword to the book was not written by that company’s legal counsel Jerry McDevitt (instead it’s ECW’s Tod Gordon.)

As I mentioned this book is a journey into the Kayfabe Commentaries world and I know the “Kayfabe Commandos” will definitely buy it and enjoy. But this is a book for general wrestling fans who may only think that the Connecticut promotion is the only one in existence. It will open their eyes to a great world of wrestling and stories about their favorites from their youth plus the stars of tomorrow. Use the link below to purchase the book in paperback form plus download to your mobile device.…