Aug 20, 2015

Summerslam Pre Show S01E26

News flash & discussion with Jacob Grondy and a dirt sheet review with our resident Marc, Chase. Don't forget we are launching Season 2 of Outside Interference on Thursday September 3rd. Yes we are moving to Thursday nights! Follow us on Twitter @OutInterference and @TheLegalManMarc.  

Aug 12, 2015

Leroy Patterson of America’s Got Talent Interview S01E25

Leroy Patterson joined us on the Hot Line for the Hot Tag for an interview about his wrestling career at Freakshow Wrestling created by former WWE wrestler Sinn Bodhi. We also talk about his recent run at America's Got Talent as a Live Show contestant, and his other Reality TV adventures. Follow us on Twitter @OutInterference and @TheLegalManMarc.  

Aug 5, 2015

Wolfie D Interview + Roddy Piper Tribute S01E24

Live 90 Minute Interview with original WWF Nation of Domination member Wolfie D. Also one half of PG-13 with Jamie Dundee. Wolfie tells tales about Memphis, road stories, WWF, working on Raw in it's early days and so much more. Follow us on Twitter @OutInterference and @TheLegalManMarc.