Jun 25, 2015

Headbanger Thrasher Interview FULL LENGTH EPISODE S01E18

This is the unedited uncut episode featuring an 45 minute interview with Headbanger Thrasher from the WWF Attitude Era, live phone calls and other weekly segments featured on the show. Follows on Twitter @OutInterference & @TheLegalManMarc 

Jun 25, 2015

Headbanger Thrasher Interview S01E18

Interview with Headbanger Thrasher known for teaming with Mosh as the Headbangers in the WWF Attitude Era. Former WWF Tag Team Champions and NWA Tag Team Champions. Follow us on Twitter @OutInterference & @TheLegalManMarc.

Jun 24, 2015

K5 LIVE Countdown with WhatAbout Ivan S01E18

K5 LIVE Countdown with 'WhatAbout Ivan' from PWA in Edmonton, Alberta...wait for it...CANANDA! Follow Ivan on Twitter @WhatAboutIvan and follow us @OutInterference & @TheLegalManMarc

Jun 24, 2015

Regular Caller Vernon Cries On Air S01E18

A regular caller on the show, with a soft heart, called in to stick up for WhatAbout Ivan, the K5 Live Countown Segment Host on our show when a heel listener called in and started running his mouth. Well a few minutes into the conversation said heel caller made Vernon cry ON AIR! Follow us on Twitter @OutInterference & @TheLegalManMarc

Jun 18, 2015

SoCal Val Interview S01E17

Interview with former TNA talent SoCal Val! Follow Us on Twitter @OutInterference & Marc Charles @TheLegalManMarc

Jun 17, 2015

Interviews with Legends Paying Tribute to Dusty Rhodes S01E16

Interviews with B. Brian Blair, JJ Dillon, Jerry Brisco, David Penzer, Dean Malenko, Buddy Colt, Normal Smiley, Rocky Johnson, Dory Funk Jr. AND MANY MORE legends paying tribute to the late Dusty Rhodes. Phone call from Byron Wilcott telling us stories about his personal experiences learning from Dusty in FCW under the American Dream's wing. This episode is dedicated to being a token of appreciation for all Dusty Rhodes has left behind for us to cherish. Follow Us on Twitter @OutInterference & Marc Charles @TheLegalManMarc and follow our guest host Mario Nunez from the Tampa Natives Show @TPANativesShow and be sure to visit www.tampanativesshow.com

Jun 17, 2015

Jessy Sorensen vs Daniel Puder Arguing on Live Radio

This segment was pulled from our S01E16 where were having a normal interview with former TNA talent Jessy Sorensen, when he started firing shots at Daniel Puder and undermining Daniel and his accomplishments. Daniel Puder was listening and wasted no time, got on the line with us and there were absolute FIREWORKS. Follow us on Twitter @OutInterferenceFollow Us on Twitter @OutInterference & Marc Charles @TheLegalManMarc. 

Jun 10, 2015

Steve Keirn & Joe Malenko Featuring SoCalVal S01E15

In studio interview with Florida Wrestling Legends Steve Keirn & Joe Malenko, followed by a Skype interview with Wrestling Valet and Announcer So Cal Val. Steve Keirn & Joe Malenko come to the Outside Interference Studio to tell us about the new Wall of Fame being developed in Tampa to commemorate and honor wrestling legends of Championship Wrestling from Florida, and to talk about some old school wrestling stories! Donate to help develop the Florida Wrestling Wall of Fame by logging on to www.GoFundMe.com/WrestlingTampaFollow Us on Twitter @OutInterference & Marc Charles @TheLegalManMarc  & Lumberjack @Lumberstan813. Follow our special Guest SoCalVal on Twitter @SoCalValerie.

Jun 3, 2015

Daniel Puder Interview S01E14

Daniel Puder comes to the Outside Interference Hot Line for the Hot Tag and discusses his WWE Tough Enough Season 4 Win that lead to a decorated Wrestling career, his undefeated MMA career and his foundation he founded, My Life My Power World. Visit www.mylifemypower.org and follow them on Twitter @DanielPuder & @MLMPENT. Follow Outside Interference @OutInterference and follow Marc Charles @TheLegalManMarc and if you have time for one more click follow Lumberjack the Voice of the show @Lumberstan813