May 27, 2015

Dan Kowal Original ECW Promoter Interview S01E13

We invite Dan Kowal, former Original ECW Promoter and Producer, to the studio for an introductory interview. Dan was involved in many wrestling promotions at a high level and shares some old school stories and some opinions on the current state of wrestling. Hot topic of the night was the TNA/ROH/DESTINATION AMERICA love triangle.  Follow Us on Twitter @OutInterference & Marc Charles @TheLegalManMarc  & Lumberjack @Lumberstan813

May 20, 2015

The Rusev Russian Medal Bandit S01E12

On this LIVE episode of Outside Interference we invite to the show Nathan Lightner, the wrestling fan who made off with Rusev's Russian Federation Medal at a show in State College, PA last week. We also take listener phone calls and they give us their opinions on this situation. Follow Us on Twitter @OutInterference & Marc Charles @TheLegalManMarc & Lumberjack @Lumberstan813

May 13, 2015

#ToughEnough II: Characters Welcome S01E11

This week on Outside Interference we dish out an action packed LIVE broadcast with our second Edition of Tough Enough Interviews! 12 WWE Hopefuls on the Hot Line for the Hot Tag. Follow Us on Twitter @OutInterference & Marc Charles @TheLegalManMarc & Lumberjack @Lumberstan813

May 10, 2015

Wrestling With Technology: Chris McManamy S01E10

On the 10th episode of Outside Interference The Legal Man Marc Charles invites Chris McManamy of the Hardcore Tech Show and the Wrestling Informant Radio podcast. Chris is an afficianado in both fields of Technology and Wrestling, so we invite Chris to talk about the effects technology has had on the Wrestling industry. You can follow Outside Interference on Twitter @OutInterference & Marc Charles on Twitter @TheLegalManMarc and of course our special guest Chris McManamy on Twitter @ChrisMcManamy and @HCTechShow. Don't forget about @PWInformant. Also check out Chris McManamy's Hardcore Tech Show!

May 2, 2015

Ashley Tramonte Interview S01E09

This week on Outside Interference we talk to Actress, Model, Wrestling TV Show Host Ashley Tramonte. Ashley is also known as Ashley Mason in wrestling, and is a viral front runner on the official WWE Tough Enough website. Follow Outside Interference on Twitter @OutInterference and follow Marc Charles on Twitter @TheLegalManMarc