Mar 20, 2015

Johnny Attitude Shoot Interview S01E05

On this episode we have a candid interview with former WCW talent, Johnny Attitude, best known for wrestling on television with dozens of WCW talent, mainly on WCW Saturday Night, and also one very controversial and political appearance on WCW Monday Nitro in a match with Goldberg. Macho Man Randy Savage was Johnny's best man at his wedding, and Hulk Hogan is a close personal friend and former business partner. 
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Mar 16, 2015

Smith Hart Shoot Interview S01E04

On this episode we invite Smith Hart to the hotline for a candid two part interview. Smith is the first son of Stu Hart, and the oldest brother to Bret and the late Owen Hart, and the uncle of Natalya and Tyson Kidd. Smith discusses his notorious blog he wrote, titled 'Top 10 Worst Executives and Authorities in Wrestling History", which includes the likes of Hulk Hogan, Vince Russo, Dixie Carter, Rob Feinstein, Dave Meltzer, John Lauranitis and many more notable figures. He also discusses his theory on the Chris Benoit family tragedy, which include incredible allegations against a former WCW wrestler who had a grudge with Benoit. This is a must hear interview, with one of the most experienced and outspoken people in the wrestling industry. Follow us on Twitter @OutInterference and Marc Charles on Twitter @TheLegalManMarc.